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The main features on which sitecore XP 8.2 is shipped are

– The Express Migration tool
– Publishing Enhancements
– Platform improvements
– Experience Accelerator

The Express Migration tool Sitecore upgrade is too time consuming process and hence too expensive as all the upgrade steps are performed step by step manually. In the current approach there is lots of chances of skipping the changes which can cause risk in future to the customer and partners. The Express Migration tool make all these task easy and minimize the chances of error.

There are two versions of this tool is available as of now, Express Migration Tool 1.0 and Express Migration Tool 2.0 and below is the version wise compatibility matrix.


Publishing Enhancements
Sitecore 8.2 publishing service supports enterprise level publishing on a large scale by addressing the problems that come with publishing large amounts of data across multiple destinations, including the associated time and network latency issues.

In this release, these is no need of separate Sitecore instance to publish the data. You can use a non-Sitecore server to publish your content. This enhancement has made it easy to adopt Sitecore as it reduces the requirement of new infrastructure.

Platform Improvement

– Enterprise performance Sitecore putting more focus on getting startup times improved, tweaks on caching performance and releases that come fully tested against real world data sets and solutions.

– Search and indexing enhancements- this is improved by improving SOLR support
– Experience editor Enhancement- The following enhancements have been introduced in its latest version:
1. Page workflows for creation, review, and approval of web content can now be adjusted directly from the experience editor.
2. Managing page content is easier as the experience editor has been updated to show more information on data sources. This can prove to be very helpful in managing page sources.
3. Notifications are generated to inform authors on broken pages and links before they can be published.
4.The experience editor can now be used to set marketing attributes to each page.

Experience Accelerator
Sitecore Experience Accelerator helps developers and website administrator to build and modify websites in very fast manner. With the help of this various teams can work parallel and reuse of components, layouts, forms and templates across various pages, leading to faster deployment of the website.It has a drag and drop interface that allows developers to easily add components to web pages.

Sitecore XP 8.3 Updates
-The update will include new WFFM module.
-The update will also bring us the XConnect Client API that will be used by both Sitecore products and custom developed integrations (mobile, webservices, reporting, …) alike.

Other features:
– This will be Window Server 2016 compliant
– SQL Server 2016 support
– Silverlight completely removed !
– The continuation, expanded functionalities and version support of the migration tool.
– Federated authentication support